Loom Money Nigeria

Is Loom Money Nigeria Scheme Paying?

The current news in town has it that Loom Money Nigeria is paying participant who invests as little as 1-13k with eight times return on investment. No doubt this is a mouth-watering offer for many Nigerians who patronize the Ponzi scheme.

Now you will find out the TRUTH if Loom Money Nigeria is REAL or NOT and if there actually have an office/branch and even a website where the purported Loom Money Nigeria Registration application form is submitted.

I hate to burst your bubble, but Loom Money Nigeria is pyramid scheme just like its sister the Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM). I will advise you to think before investing your hard earned money into this get-rich-quick schemes which will only end up disappearing with your money.

We gathered that Loom Money has a hierarchical system were first members to sign up in the group receives the payout and some are testifying to the legitness of the scheme, we advise you to take precaution before investing on the scheme okay.

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So our dear readers, Loom Money has NO physical office NO official website and to summon it up the pyramid scheme is NOT duly registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The mode of operation is through WhatsApp and Facebook with an enticing offer for members who join the new money making scheme.

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